Welcome Future 6th Graders

Welcome income 6 graders

1.  School hours
  • The first day of school is August 10th, 2022.  
  • School starts at 9:30 am and ends at 4:05 pm.
  •  Car Drop Off begins at 9:00 am. (The cars will be lining up inside Eagles front parking lot. When they pass by the front door, parents can drop off the student.)
  •  Free breakfast for all students at the Cafeteria, from 9:00 - 9:20 am.
  •  Morning Care begins on the first day of school at 8:00 am. 

2.  Eagles Landing Dress Code
- Click here to read about Dress Code in Portuguese and Spanish. -

  • Eagle Wear (Sale dates to be determined) or order online https://eagle.memberhub.store
  • Solid color polo shirts (small logo is okay)
  •  Solid color shorts, pants, basketball shorts and joggers (no holes or decorations on clothing)
  •  Solid color hoodies (small logo is okay)
  •  Closed-toed shoes
  •  PE clothes = any solid grey T-shirt and any long solid black shorts OR the uniform can also be purchased at the start of school through the PE teacher. You will have to bring your PE clothes inside your backpack, and you change them when it is time for PE class.

3.  Lanyards, IDs and Car Decals:

These items are required for the safety and security of the students and the school.
All 6th graders receive the first ID and lanyard free of charge.  If these are lost or damaged, they must be replaced, at a cost of $5.00 per item.
Car decals, at a cost of $5.00, are needed to enter the parking lot.  (Sale date to be determined.)

4.  Schedule pick-up:

The schedule is a list of all classes, which the student will have for the year. Date to be determined, generally the week before school begins.

5.  Classes:

All 6th graders will have SIX classes in total. FOUR classes are Academic Subjects:

1. Language Arts
2. Math
3. Science
4. World History

TWO classes are Electives (the student can choose the electives and his/her schedule will be done based on availability). Elective descriptions can be found below on this page, in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
In Middle School, each teacher has his/her own classes. When the bell rings, the students have to go to their next classes (following their schedule).

6.  School Supplies:

A list of school supplies will be posted on the Eagles Landing website prior to the start of school.  Agenda planners are strongly recommended and can be purchased at school (sale dates to be determined).

7.  Lunch:

Students can either bring their lunch to school or receive it in the cafeteria for free. In addition, “a la carte” items, at various prices, can be purchased by cash or School Cash Online account.
School Cash Online Instructions step by step -

8.  Transportation to and from school:

  • Car riders
  • Walkers
  • Bike riders (Bike racks are located in the front of the school and by the bus loop in the back.)
  • Bus riders (Bus route information will be posted on the school district website just before the start of school at this link): transintranet.palmbeachschools.org/findmybusstop.aspx

Activity bus (Students enrolled in the After School program or staying for sports or clubs can take the activity bus home.  Please note that the stops will vary from the usual school bus routes.)  The Activity Bus begins the second week of school and ends the last week of school. 

9.  Morning Care and After School Programs:

Eagles Landing Middle School offers:

  • Morning Care - from 8:00 am to 8:45 am, Monday through Friday
  • After School - from 4:10 pm to 5:30 pm, Monday through Thursday

(Morning Care begins on August 10 and After School begins on August 24.  Information regarding cost for both programs will be provided at a later time).

10.  Cell phones / Earbuds:

Cell phones and earbuds are allowed on campus, but can only be used before and after school hours.  Classroom usage is to be determined by the teacher.

11.  SIS Gateway for Parents:

SIS Gateway is a website where the parents/guardians can check the student's progress. It provides the following information:

  • Attendance summaries
  • Grading and transcript summaries
  • Class assignments

- SIS Gateway additional information -

Point of Contacts at Eagles Landing:

Assistant Principals:
Kristi Mandravellos (6th grade)
Mackenzie McCune (7th grade)
Thomas D’Annunzio (8th grade)

School Counselors:

Jean Redinger (6th grade)
Lance Gondek (7th grade)
Courtney Elkin (8th grade)
Alessandra Ourives (ESOL)

School Behavioral Health Professional
Ashley Zook

ESE Coordinator
Lisa Powell

ESOL Coordinator
Marisol Hernandez

Spanish CLF
Kimberly Feliz

Portuguese CLF
Tania Krik

Athletic Director
Cody Russell

Confidential Administrative Assistant (Principal)
Alicia Diecidue

Administrative Assistant (Assistant Principals)
Audrey Siegel

Principal - TBA

Elective Course Card for Incoming 6th graders at Eagles Landing

We are thrilled to present you our great options that you can choose as your elective classes!