SIS Instructions

SIS Parent Gateway Instructions

1. What is SIS Gateway for Parents?
The SIS Gateway for Parents is a web-based tool for parents/guardians to monitor their student's progress throughout the school year and provides the following information:

  • Attendance summaries
  • Grading and transcript summaries
  • Class assignments

2.  Who should use SIS Gateway for Parents?
The SIS Gateway for Parents is available to all current Pre-K to 12th grade students enrolled in District schools. Accounts are only available to students and parents or guardians.

3.  How do I create an account?
Contact your student's school to receive login information. 

4.  What happens when my child moves to another school?
The SIS Gateway for Parents accounts roll over from year to year, so when your child moves from middle school to high school, you do not have to create a new account. Also, if your student moves to another school in our district, your account will be updated with the new school information.

5.  I can't remember my password!
If you have forgotten your username or password, please check the image below:


6.  How do I log in to the SIS Gateway for Parents?
Click here to access The SIS Gateway for Parents once you have received your log-in information from your student's school.

7.  How do I use SIS Gateway for Parents?
Documents are available for you to view at the bottom of the SIS homepage:


8. How can family members/guardians create their own account with only one PIN per student?
The same PIN can be used multiple times to create unique accounts so each person has their own username and password to log into the Gateway.

9. Having Problems?
If you are experiencing problems with logging in, or navigating the site or if you have a question about your students information, such as grades or attendance, please contact your student's school and/or teacher.

10.  SIS is available in others languages
Just click on the preferred language and it will change the website language.


11. Please check this video with useful tips and information